Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Voter Fraud

The media of the left states that there is no fraud. Yet the media shows us the fraud.
CT Rep. arrested on 19 counts of voting fraud.

CT Democrat wins with switched votes.

CT Democrat staff charged with voter fraud.

CT Democrats introduce extra fraud ballots to win.

CO has dead voters casting ballots.

CA Democrats rely on ballot fraud.

CA City Council candidate among three in Kern County charged with voter fraud.

CA Democrats use 'Ballot Harvesting'.

CA dead are voting Democrat.

CA DNC staffer arrested for fraud.

FL Democrat Supervisor of Elections resigns due to fraud coupled with mistakes.

FL elections department staff arrested for vote fraud.

FL man arrested for voter fraud.

The dead love voting in FL.

Three in FL and VA charged with voter fraud.

GA Democrats investigated for 'cyber crimes' after Georgia voter system attacked.

GA former officials commit voting fraud.

IL has dead voters voting.

IN Democrat fraud: A case study in corruption.

MA registration fraud.

MA duplicate voting fraud.

MA RMV hands out licenses to almost 2,000 dead people.

MD man guilty of voter fraud.

MI voting machines gave extra votes to Democrats.

MO Democrat mayor and staff commit voting fraud.

NC charges 12 with voter fraud.

19 illegal immigrants in NC indicted for voting in the 2016 election.

NY Democrat town supervisor and wife arrested.

NY man arrested for voter fraud.

NY keeps dead people as active voters.

NH Sanders staffer commits vote fraud.

NH couple charged with voter fraud.

NJ man charged with voter fraud.

NJ woman charged with buying votes.

NJ Democrats ensure voting by the dead.

OK Democrats commit voting fraud.

OK DA charges two with voter fraud.

PA voter registration group raided by state police.

PA discloses that over 11,000 non-citizens are registered to vote.

Nine arrested in TX for illegal voting scheme.

TX woman used dead person's identity to vote.

TX Democrat guilty of 11 felonies, including fraud.

TX woman guilty of voter fraud loses bid for new trial.

TX Democratic Party is under investigation after sending out voter-registration applications to non-citizens with the citizenship box already checked “Yes.”

RI Democrats rely on vote fraud.

RI men arrested for voter fraud.

VA man arrested for vote fraud.

VA woman guilty of voter fraud.


CA Democrat Party Chairman resigns amid multiple claims of sexual misconduct.

PA Democrat AG sentenced to prison for perjury.

CT Democrat drops out of race for House Democratic Caucus chair due to husband's arrest for theft.

NY Democrat stole FEMA funds.

Wealthy Democrat donor/voter Sex Cult arrest.

Wealthy Democrat donor/voter dies from drug use.

Wealthy Democrat donor/voter arrested for child rape.

NY Democrat AG steps down due to abuse.

Obama appointee arrested for sex abuse.

Democrat congressman arrested for sexually texting children.

Obama appointee stepped down due to taxpayer funded sex parties.

Creepy Biden can't stop touching and sniffing little girls.

Clinton and Russia Uranium deal in exchange for money.

Democrat national security advisor ordered staff to ignore Russian meddling.

Democrats don't hate Russia when they are in office.

Democrat Schumer bows to Putin and praises Russian oil deal.

Hillary says "they all look alike".

Obama staffer caught committing hate crimes.

Democrat Rep. can't be around women.

#Democrats rely on Dark Money.

NY Democrats try to control the nation.

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